Graphic video score for 2 performers.
Duration: 3 min.

ZOOOOOM is a small graphic video score, designed for performing via ZOOM conferencing software. It is created specially for musicians who play together via Internet connection at the time of COVID-19 pandemia restrictions.

It is an attempt to create some kind of "model" that allows to minimize the latency issue using ZOOM for improvised music. It is a structure only, simply showing 2 parameters: "play - do not play".

If anybody will try to use this score - please write me about the results, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

There is no sound in this video.


There are 3 people involved in the performance: two artists and a "organizer", (the computer of the organizer is in the "screen demonstration" mode).

The "organizer" of the conference opens the video file in the "screen demonstration" mode by choosing the appropriate source. The video will be shown on the screens of ALL participants of the conference, with the latency in video streaming becoming almost the same (or close at least) for all musicians.
The score is just an experiment and is designed for duo, but it is possible to create graphic scores with the same technology for more partisipants and much more complicated.