Sound Theater

Director: Ekaterina LOPATINA
Concept: Dmitry SHUBIN


The sound theater works with "dissociation" of the acoustic space of the stage. It leads to minimization of means owing to refusal of stage speec: any dialogues, replicas are completely absent.

The story line is formed by the sounds of actions and the movements of actors. For this purpose we use contact microphones and piezoelectric sensors that repeatedly amplify the most subtle everyday sounds, i.e. sound of the lead movement on paper. Thus, the scene of an audible performance is an acoustic space where any sound becomes the element of the theatrical action.

SOUND THEATER completely lacks the dialogical construction characteristic of the traditional dramatic theater, and the play sequence is revealed and formed from the sounds accompanying possible scenic actions and movements - rustles, the creaking of the floor, sound produced by props objects (old typewriters, arithmometers, etc.). There are no dialogues, replicas, musical accompaniment; the actions of the actors themselves in the process of the game are the source of the sound series of the production. The plot line of the play is constructed and perceived by the viewer at the utmost care of the acoustic implementation of the actors' actions.

The premiere took place on March 10, 2018.

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