• Мини-опера "Мысль 688: In Memoriam"

    Mini Opera "Thought 688"

    Mini Opera Thought 688

    Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater, 20.04.2019

    By Ekaterina Lopatina / Anastasia Kolesnik / Dmitry Shubin;
    Performers: Svetlana Arzumanova, Julia Kravchenko, Nadezhda Fedotova, Margarita Borisova-Lebedeva;
    Curated by Lisa Savina and Dmitry Shubin
    Based on text by Alexander Ilyanen

    Within the framework of PERFORMA project, curated by Vera Martynov

  • Sound Theater. REM SLEEP PHASES performance

    Sound Theater: REM SLEEP PHASES performance

    The sound theater works with "dissociation" of the acoustic space of the stage. It leads to minimization of means owing to refusal of stage speech - dialogues, replicas and musical accompaniment are completely absent. The story line is formed by the sounds of actions and the movements of actors.